A World Turned Upside Down: a Year...

A World Turned Upside Down: a Year Later

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It’s been more than 12 months since the “original” shut down. Take a moment to think back to those crazy few days where the whole world changed. We were suddenly all at home, hunkering down, and wondering what in the world was going on. In the span of 365 days, we have come to (somewhat) normalize social distancing, telecommuting, mask wearing, and our new reality.

The New Year and last days of December are usually the time when the world reflects on the past 12 months, while individually we might do the same for birthdays or anniversaries. The pandemic has given all of us a year to look back on collectively. What did your life look like at the start of March 2019? What are the biggest changes between then and now? Which parts of your life are worse? Which parts have actually, just perhaps, gotten better?

So much can happen in a year — for better and for worse. On one hand, it’s been difficult not seeing my family and friends regularly, especially my grandfather who’s felt so trapped at home. Being less physically active has meant lethargy and weight gain. On the other hand, more time at home has meant more video calls and reconnecting with friends I had not spoken to in ages. Teleconferencing has greatly reduced the anxieties I would have commuting and with in-person meetings. And perhaps most importantly, my dog has had her best year ever.

Despite the challenges of the past,  this year has helped me get a better sense of what I need to be happy. Hopefully it has done the same for you. As we approach the anniversary of when our world turned upside down, focus as much as possible on the positives of this drastic change. This new reality is a newfound chance to shape our lives for the better.

Anthony Teles

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