The Importance of Study Groups During...

The Importance of Study Groups During COVID-19

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By Erin Rebello

One of the most difficult changes about the switch to online learning has been the lack of support. Although school boards and teachers are trying their best, nothing can properly replicate the feel of in-person learning. Personally, the switch to online schooling has been very difficult, and has severely impacted both my productivity and mental wellness. Although times have been tough, the one light at the end of the tunnel has been my study group. I’ve never been one for study groups, but with less and less collaborative time in school, I decided to give a study group a try and joined one with a few of my close friends. Over a couple of months, the study group evolved into a server where everyone could ask for homework help, vent about their problems, and even coordinate gaming sessions!

Benefits of a Study Group

Although there are many benefits to a study group, I would say that the greatest one is being able to connect with your peers for emotional support. Social isolation is extremely difficult, and even being able to speak to someone through a microphone and webcam can be a breath of fresh air. So many students are struggling with mental health, and in my humble opinion, peer-to-peer forms of communication are the best solution. After all, if you’re in the same situation as your peers, you’ll be able to better understand their feelings and help them work through them.

Another obvious benefit to a study group is the ability to seek help with understanding difficult concepts or questions. Last quadmester (a shortened semester) I took physics, which is a subject that I’ve always struggled with. With the added stressors of virtual learning, there were many times where I felt stupid or out of place. It was a very frustrating time. Fortunately, there were a couple of other people in the study group who were also taking physics and agreed to help me study. In turn, I agreed to assist them with editing and proofreading their English assignments. It is a very reassuring feeling to have a group of people who can make the world feel a little less chaotic.

How to Start a Study Group

At this point, you’re probably wondering about how you can create a study group, and fortunately for you, it’s quite simple! First, you need a group of people who are interested in working together. It’s always a safe bet to approach friends! Then, you’ll need to choose a platform for your study group. In the past, I used Instagram Chats, but we recently switched to Discord, and it’s been much easier. Some other platforms to consider are Facebook Messenger and Slack. After that, you’re basically done! All in all it takes less than an hour to set up and will likely be well worth your time. Happy studying!

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