Tips for Stopping Over-Snacking While...

Tips for Stopping Over-Snacking While at Home

by Linda Mendes
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Most people enjoy snacking throughout the day. Since a majority of those people have now been stuck at home, they are more likely to over-snack. Over-snacking can lead to consuming too many calories and can affect your health with time. Are you one of those people that have been over-snacking while at home? If so, the following are some tips just for you!

Stay Hydrated

It is easy to confuse hunger for thirst. Sometimes, you may snack because you think you are hungry. Before grabbing something to eat, you should drink a glass of water. You could still have your snack afterward but you won’t eat as much as you would have before drinking water. Other options for you to drink are sparkling water, fruit-infused water, or tea.

Include Protein and Fiber in Your Meals

Protein and fiber are two nutrients that can help you feel full for much longer. After eating meals that contain these two nutrients, you will not have to eat several snacks before your next meal. A good snack to add to your diet that contains fiber and protein are nuts.

Pause Between Bites

Pausing between bites allows you to ask yourself if you’re still hungry. If you’re using a utensil to eat, you could put down the utensil after every bite to avoid being tempted to take another bite right away. Pausing between bites also gives you enough time to chew your food properly.

Don’t Eat From the Package

When eating directly from the package, it is more likely for you to over-snack. This is especially common with snacks such as chips, crackers, and cookies. A good alternative is to put a portion of the snack in a bowl or on a plate for you to eat. The remainder of the snack should be put away. If you’re still hungry afterward, you could go and grab a little more. This method helps prevent you from mindlessly eating too much.

Figure Out the Underlying Cause

You may often find yourself snacking because of certain emotions or habits. When you’re feeling bored, stressed, or upset, you may turn to snacks to help cope. You may also catch yourself mindlessly snacking while you’re sitting down watching television. By figuring out which specific moments cause you to mindlessly snack, it will help you become aware of the situation and break that habit.

Everyone has moments when they over-snack. When you find yourself over-snacking, do not feel ashamed. You could take that moment to learn and evolve. Be grateful for the food you just had and try to be more mindful next time you grab a snack to eat. Mindful snacking will get easier as you practice!







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