Follow Your HeART — 5 Resources...

Follow Your HeART — 5 Resources to Help You Find a Job in the Arts

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Francis Bacon once said, “It is a great happiness when men’s professions and their inclinations accord.” And that’s truly something those with a penchant for the arts can relate to. Most of those who choose to follow their heart and their arts are ready to work hard and commit to face head-on whatever challenges that come along their way so they can feel fulfilled in their respective careers.

Arts embodies fine arts, commercial arts, advertising, photography, film (including animation), web design, creative writing, and more.

While the pandemic has affected the arts labour market, the outlook seems headed for brighter days. If you have your mind set in pursuing a career in the arts, here are five resources to get you started:

  1. WorkInCulture (https://www.workinculture.ca/The-Job-Board)

WorkInCulture (WIC) is a non-profit service organization dedicated to serving the arts sector. Launched in 1997, WIC also provides programming to help artists boost their organizational capacity and management skills, as well as business planning and entrepreneurship skills. Workshops are available either in-person (as long as restrictions permit them to) and online. WIC is also the brains behind the Creative Works conference, which aspires to bring together leaders, visionaries, and aspiring arts professionals to share conversations about the future of arts and culture in Canada and trends and tools that are valuable to the arts community. Their Job Board features opportunities in the arts throughout the nation. You can also check out their resources for professional development that are focused on creatives.

  1. Artists in Canada (https://artistsincanada.com/resources/employment-38/)

Launched in 2000, Artists in Canada was started with the aim to provide better connections to Canadian artists. Apart from providing a list of employment opportunities for those who would like to get into art-related fields, Artists in Canada also provides links to government agencies that direct people to job opportunities. In addition, Artists in Canada strongly believes in the power of marketing and communications for artists and also provides web hosting opportunities for artists who wish to become members. A website is an effective marketing tool. Artists in Canada ensures that the websites designed and created are easy to build and maintain for artists with a busy plate, with unlimited galleries and themes available. If you’re an artist and want a platform to showcase your work, this resource is for you.

  1. Behance (https://www.behance.net/joblist)

Behance is an online platform designed for creative professionals who are not only looking to find employment in the arts community, but also to showcase their work and discover the works of others. The website has an easy to use feature that helps you filter opportunities via their type, whether Fulltime, Freelance, or Internship, as well as the targeted industry, to better narrow your search. If you wish to look for opportunities outside Canada, you can also expand your search to other countries. What’s even more interesting is that the website also provides links to livestreams for like-minded individuals, so you’ll be able to enhance your learning and maybe even share your own ideas and tips to be a better arts professional.

  1. Charity Village (https://charityvillage.com/)

Charity Village may be known more for connecting job seekers to opportunities in the not-for-profit sector, but it is also a great resource for those who are particularly looking for employment in the arts sector. The website also offers learning tools for those looking for more training and development in their respective fields, including the arts, and features relevant news that you can use to help you in your job search.

  1. Culture Works (https://www.culca/)

If you’re looking for something that’s more direct to the point and provides simple access to a multitude of job opportunities across Canada, this is the site to visit. You can filter your choices by Subsector and Province, and you’ll find tons of job postings. To make your search easier, you can register as a job seeker and have the job postings directly delivered to you via email. It’s a great way to save time instead of combing through several websites to find matches to the opportunities you’re looking for.

Not everyone has the privilege to follow their passion as their profession. So if your heart is in the arts, give these the resources a look and you’ll earn the chance to get into that artsy door!



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