Two Years Later…

Two Years Later…

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Little did we know what was in store for us back in March 2020. Here we are two years later in a very different world. As the world reopens, things might return to “normal,” but we can’t just forget the past 24 months.

We are still coping with the loss of the past two years — not only the victims of COVID-19, but also the time we lost with friends and family, as well as experiences outside our homes. We are still coping with the anxiety and fear. But with every cloud comes a silver lining, and there are definitely positive changes afoot.

Remote options for work and school have become the norm. There is a greater awareness of public health concerns, from wearing masks to not showing up to the office or classroom when you’re sick. Many people have had a chance to reflect on what truly matters to them and readjusting their lives accordingly, including yours truly.

As more things return to in person, this month JPD takes a look at how to dress to make a good first impression, and how to make new friends in post-secondary school. We reflect on how ADHD diagnoses have increased during the pandemic, and look ahead to the International Day of Happiness on March 20th. There are also profiles on Futurpreneur.ca, a site supporting young entrepreneurs, as well as the careers of marine engine technicians and teacher assistants.

Check out those articles plus the featured ones below and more. Have a great March Break and enjoy the first days of spring!


Anthony Teles, Vice-President of Content

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