Advice for Those Thinking of Dropping...

Advice for Those Thinking of Dropping out of School

by Tiffany Chang
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People commonly pursue a degree, diploma, or any other academic-related accreditation after high school. Nonetheless, sometimes continuing with academics isn’t the best path for everyone. Considering how much pressure students often receive when it comes to getting an education, deciding whether or not to continue with their schooling (especially when they’re in the middle of it) can be a stressful and an anxiety-inducing experience.

If dropping out is a serious consideration, here is some advice on how to make your decision:

Consider Other Programs

Before making this decision, take a look at other programs and see if any pique your interest. You can even consider ones at a different school(s) as well. Its understandable if you find your interests have changed (or you weren’t that interested in what you’re doing to begin with) but try giving academics another chance rather than stopping altogether. To provide an example, if you’re attending university, switching to a different major and/or pursuing a minor that aligns better with what you enjoy might be the answer.

Take a Temporary Break from School

Is feeling burnt out or overwhelmed the reason why you’re thinking of dropping out? Exhaustion can definitely impact a person’s motivation and a restful break could put you in a better position to decide. The logical solution is taking a semester or two (or some time) off, then making your choice. For certain cases, even withdrawing from courses you’re currently enrolled in remains an option if school has been taking a serious toll on your health.

Have a Realistic Plan in Place

If you haven’t done so already, it’s best to think of a plan. Ask yourself this question: “What would my next steps be if I were to drop out?”

This isn’t to say that everything must be figured out right now, but it’s still encouraged to have ideas of what you’d like to do after parting ways with school. For instance, if you’re thinking about a specific career but aren’t entirely sure you’ll pursue it, working an odd job in the meantime would be a good measure to take.

Do What You Believe Is Best for You

This is a difficult situation, and if you’ve already discussed this with others, you are probably receiving/have already received advice from these people about what to do. Above everything, however, trust yourself. If you truly believe dropping out is what’s best, then proceed by all means. It’s also possible that this isn’t a permanent farewell as you could go back to school should you choose to do so in the future.

Overall, take your time to decide. Whether it’s continuing with your education but pursuing a completely different field or leaving school, consider all your options. What’s crucial is ensuring you’re in the right headspace so you can think rationally as you ponder this decision. Also, while those around you who are aware of your situation and want to advise you likely have your best interests at heart, remember that you know what the correct direction for you is.

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