Examples of video games that help you...

Examples of video games that help you learn real-life skills

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By Rabia Khan

If you ever ask a teenager what drives them to play video games, it’s definitely the entertainment factor. Contrary to the past, games have become a part of our daily life because of the learning they bring. Playing games not only leaves you having fun but boosts skill building and learning new real-life skills. One can challenge themselves to a certain extent. It’s one of the most soothing ways to detox our minds and cope with several mental health issues. Here are examples of video games that help you learn real-life skills.


The renowned game, which debuted in 2011, is still thriving today. As slaying enemies and completing missions is entertaining, Minecraft can train you in technology and programming while you explore more. There’s no doubt that passionate gamers have constructed fantastic objects.

The educational version of Minecraft includes a plethora of courses, objectives, and syllabuses for use in the classroom. Yes, a video game is now being utilized to assist children in subjects that require analytical thinking.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game that you must play. This aesthetic farming stimulator is cute in every possible way. There’s so much to learn while you play this game; it teaches you everything from farming techniques to valuing hygienic surroundings.

The game also helps you adapt to a pure way of life from nurturing livestock, to leveraging cooking skills, to even fishing. Besides, creating a healthy bond with your neighbours is a real-life skill in itself that this game teaches you!

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail first appeared in the 1970s and has endured several revisions. Youth have spent countless afternoons attempting to navigate their digital wagon over 2,000 kilometres far from civilization. If you go, you must choose a career (each with a distinct set of rewards), identify your partners, and buy types of equipment.

Somewhere on the route, your troop may confront disease, choked streams, freeway robbers, food scarcity, as well as other time-related obstacles. Despite the intense nature of the scenarios, players quickly understand the importance of preparing ahead of time and take judgments with said foreseeable future in the heart.

Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries 

Nancy Drew games have been always helpful in solving mysteries. You can solve cases virtually by being a detective. There’s more to things than what meets the eye! Riddles will make your brain work hard as you collect clues to solve the pieces of a mysterious puzzle. The game is packed with punchy timelines that are more than just entertainment!

One is bound to find treasures and that in itself can make your nerves crack. Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries is something you should give a shot since such games can assist you in life-long situations.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 has been one of the most successful games ever established and has transformed many lives. It’s a virtual reality and one that requires you to use your logic. This wonderful game train people in skills that are needed in real-life. This game will help young minds to save, invest and work towards their goal.

First, you have to design a personal avatar and select a career. You’re sent to work and generate a salary. Later you’re struck by bigger responsibilities that require investment. It’s possible to buy a house, establish a family, raise a child, or set up a company. Such games provide a significant economic perspective and teach valuable financial skills.

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