How Gaming Helps Hone Real-Life Skills

How Gaming Helps Hone Real-Life Skills

by Sarah Leung
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Video games may not teach players how to throw fireballs or capture pocket-sized monsters in real life, but they teach many people life skills.

According to the Entertainment Software Association’s “Bringing Canadians Together through Gaming: Essential Facts 2022” report, many Canadians believe that video games help:

  • Lessen stress levels
  • Bring happiness
  • Develop teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving skills

Video games allow players to not only relax, but improve skills utilized outside of gaming.

Skills That Video Games Teach


Seventy per cent of Canadian teen gamers play with others online, showcasing that many socialize through video games. Games like Among Us require players to work together to win.

In Among Us, players work in two teams: the game assigns players as either crewmates or imposters.

Crewmates focus on repairing their spaceship through small tasks, while figuring out who are the imposters: players whose objective is to sabotage the spaceship, or kill all the crewmates. The game encourages players to figure out roles through discussion and observation.

In addition, since the game relies heavily on communication, some teachers use it to teach languages. The gameplay provides a space for people to strengthen their teamwork and language usage by collaborating through commands and questions.

Problem Solving

Problem solving requires identifying a problem, understanding what causes it, and fixing it. Many video games present puzzles as a common form of problem solving.

Players generally make use of their resources, sometimes even newly introduced mechanics, to progress in games. Puzzles within The Legend of Zelda series display many examples of problem solving.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features many puzzle-filled shrines. Players need to use various runes to complete the puzzles. Some of these puzzles require Link to activate a Stasis rune to freeze an object for a short time, or to activate a Cryonis rune to create ice pillars that he can walk on.


Video games work well for teaching persistence. Persistence means ongoing motivation, generally towards some sort of goal. Tasks like training towards a boss battle or collecting materials count as persistence.

Minecraft teaches many skills including persistence. The gameplay revolves around managing and using resources to create structures. Schools around the world have used Minecraft to teach students, especially with the game’s Education Edition.

A 2017 Canadian study on Minecraft noted many educational benefits from the game. According to data collected from 118 Quebec elementary school students, using Minecraft in school gave 25 main benefits: this list includes improving students’ motivation, communication, and academic skills (reading, writing, and math).

Hand-Eye Coordination

When a person’s eyes take in visual information, they tell their hands how to complete a task. The eyes and hands work together using hand-eye coordination.

Video games count as activities to strengthen hand-eye coordination, as hands use a controller while eyes take in visual information from screens.

Shooter games, such as those in the Fortnite or Splatoon series, excel at this area of teaching. Players must aim focus on a target as they progress through battles. They take in visual information at the same time they press controller buttons for the intended actions.


Many video games help players practice multitasking. By multitasking, players learn how to manage completing many actions over time.

Life is full of multitasking, especially in post-secondary studies and jobs. Many students juggle a job with their education and social lives.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet features multitasking as part of the main story. It offers many objectives that players must complete. Players must work towards three distinct objectives to finish the game.

They must alternate between battling gym leaders, fighting giant Titan Pokémon, and challenging the rebellious Team Star. Planning and organization help keep track of the three paths as the game progresses.

Taking a break by playing a game is not just an engaging way to relax. Playing video games combines both learning and enjoyment into something memorable. Game on!

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