Mental health issues caused by climate...

Mental health issues caused by climate and ecological issues

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By Rabia Khan 

Climate change has been running at a fast pace and we can’t help but ponder to stop the devastating effects caused by it! Not many are aware that the place that you live in can make your health rip apart. The dirty air we breathe or the dirty street filled with potholes catch our attention, and it’s difficult to ignore that the earth is dying and that there’s no end to it. These health-related issues caused by eco-anxiety are a major concern.

Floods and Droughts

Floods and droughts not only cause havoc on roads and leave us with big potholes. Our attention levels are elevated with severe bouts of depression and anxiety, and many are bound to experience PTSD. Such major events can be life-changing for people leaving them with long-lasting memories.

Air Pollution

Air pollution has been known to be a huge threat to mankind physically and mentally. The harmful materials emitted from vehicles, factories, etc. can damage our cardiovascular system and become a threat to our brain cells. It inhibits our mind to have clarity and causes brain fog, or in the worst-case scenario dementia, anxiety, and depression. There’s been proof that mental illness has been connected to air pollution.


Mental health can get worst when it gets cold and there’s tons of scientific evidence. You can fall victim to feeling sluggish when cold winter hits. Because of low sunlight, depression can come easily. During this time, one’s oxygen levels are known to decrease by great intensity. Winter is linked with seasonal depression because of how tired people feel when the temperatures drop too low. Alongside that, anxiety comes with great ease.


Monsoons are one of the worst seasons when it comes to affecting our mental health. The rainy weather contributes to major sad feelings and depression. We’re most likely to feel this way because of the drop in serotonin. The lack of sun rays is to be blamed. That makes us dependent on food cravings, and binging on junk food is another story for another day!

Noise pollution

Many of us dwell in a place surrounded by noisy vehicles and traffic jams, and noise pollution hits the same for younger and older people alike. Humans have average decibel levels they can tolerate but falling victim to a noisy atmosphere can permanently damage our hearing. Intense levels of noise pollution can decrease our ability to hear properly. It can very well tamper with our mental health too, leaving us with a distorted state of mind and fuzzy thoughts. Other mental health concerns caused by noise pollution are related to schizophrenia and anxiety disorders.

Summer heatwaves

An increase in temperatures can have a devastating impact on health. When the sun gets too hot, it’s time to stay hydrated. But, staying hydrated isn’t enough. Extreme weather can impact mental health in bad ways. Feeling anxious, and experiencing other mental health conditions can be a result of very hot summers.

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