Oh No I’m Graduating! Advice for...

Oh No I’m Graduating! Advice for Those about to Graduate or Recent Grads Who Have No Clue What to Do Next

by Tiffany Chang
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Graduating can be a very exciting experience. All the hard work you’ve put in over the past four to five (or more) years has paid off and you can proudly bring that degree/diploma, etc. home. Nonetheless, this may also be an intimidating time because you’re entering the next chapter of your life. It might even seem as though there are so many things to address now that you’ve finished school and you don’t know where to start.

Here are some tips if you’re graduating/have graduated and unsure about what to do next:

Update Your Resume and Start Applying for Jobs

Revamp your resume. This would include (of course) adding that you now have a degree/diploma, etc. and, if applicable, you’ve participated in any work-study programs. Also, look up ways on how you can add some extra flair to your resume. Incorporating creative touches will help you stand out to potential employers.

It’s further a good idea to start applying for jobs. Of course, don’t worry about landing one right away. It often takes a while to secure employment after graduation. Additionally, remember that most in your situation are relatively new to the workforce, and it’s typical to go through several different jobs before eventually finding the one you’ll keep for the next few decades. For now, even finding work outside your chosen field is completely acceptable.

See a Financial Advisor about Your Personal Banking

Unless you’re thinking of applying for graduate school or pursuing another certification/bachelor’s degree, graduating likely means you’ll no longer be a student. As a result, you won’t continue receiving benefits/exemptions (if you have been receiving them) from your bank that are associated with being one unless they can extend these benefits/exemptions for an additional amount of time. It’s encouraged to see a financial advisor and ask about what the next best steps are regarding your personal banking.

Take Some Time to Recoup if You’re Feeling Burnt Out

Getting a degree/diploma, etc. can be a very difficult and tiring experience, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling burnt out. Though it’s normal to begin applying for jobs immediately after graduating, take the time to also rest if necessary. You can proceed with applying, but further engage with things you enjoy and relax as well in between. Are there any hobbies you miss? Have you been wanting to see a movie that was released recently?

All in all, the best way to go about doing what’s necessary after you’ve graduated is determining what the most logical measures are. If you feel overwhelmed, just take one step at a time. Creating a list of these things is a good idea. You could also organize them according to how urgent each list item is and mark down when you’d like to have them done by (as in, specific dates) for extra motivation.

It’s also important not to put too much pressure on yourself and refrain from worrying about what other recent grads/soon-to-be grads are doing. If you try your best and focus on your own goals, you’ll be on the right track.

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