The Best Jobs for Introverts

The Best Jobs for Introverts

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Deciding on a career path isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when you feel pressure from your family or your peers. Sometimes, parents over-encourage their kids to tread on the same path that they did. Sometimes, peers try to influence others to make the same choice as they did.

Of course, navigating your career should be based on your own decisions, and it’s up to you to find something that aligns with your passion. However, though your passion is always a good place to start, you also have to consider where your personality will fit best. For example, if you consider yourself an introvert  with dominant characteristics such as quiet and reserved, creative, prefers minimal social interactions, independent, introspective, and enjoys working alone, then a job that’s ideal for introverts could be the answer for you. Let’s look at some of your options.

Home Health Aide

While in most cases, home health aides collaborate with nurses to maintain a record of the patient’s progress and alert the physician or nurse of any sudden changes in the patient’s health, generally, a home health aide works mostly independently, only interacting with the patient themselves. They take charge of basic care tasks, such as administering oral medicines as needed, changing bed linens, washing and doing the laundry, and cleaning and maintaining the home.

Home health aides also provide companionship to the geriatric population to help them in their emotional and mental well-being by entertaining them, conversing with them, and playing games with them if the patients are up to it, like puzzles or crosswords.


Veterinarians work primarily with animals and only have minimal interaction with the pet owners. However, veterinarians also have to deal with animals in every shape and form, which means you have to prepare to deal with livestock animals like cows, goats, and pigs, as well as those from the reptilian species like snakes and lizards, and a whole slew of others.

The most common services performed by vets include check-ups, vaccinations, administering medicine, spaying and neutering, and other surgeries. For vets who work in private practice, they also communicate with owners on how to best provide care and the need for surgery or medication in some cases. Services like vaccinations, deworming, and parasite control are also performed as needed. Vets also make recommendations on how to best maintain pet health and wellness through proper nutrition and adequate exercise.

Multimedia Artist

A multimedia artist creates art, specifically graphics, animation, special effects, and other visual images meant for different forms of media, whether film, TV, print, or the web.

Multimedia artists can work for a wide variety of industries, including advertising agencies or TV or film production companies. They can work under the supervision of an art director and/or collaborate with other artists and animators. Most of the time, they work individually.

Landscape Designer

A landscape designer solely works with outdoor spaces, which are either residential, commercial, or government. They must know how to conceptualize an outdoor space aligned with an outdoor space’s brand and ensure the project is completed according to timelines, budget, city regulations, and environmental considerations (soil, irrigation, drainage, etc).

While they do have to constantly communicate with city planners, engineers, property owners, and government departments, most of the time, they work on their own.


This might be the most obvious answer since librarians have a work environment that literally has “Silence, please” signs posted at every corner and encourage a love of reading.

Librarians are primarily responsible for classifying any type of reading material and ensure their accessibility to visitors. It’s an asset to be knowledgeable in the traditional system of item organization using card catalogues, but most libraries now rely on computerized databases to keep an inventory of all reading materials, so it pays more to have skills in computer systems.

Librarians also have to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of all materials in a library, so they have to be readily available to collect stray items and ensure these are placed back to where they belong to.








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