Ontario’s Red Seal Program

Ontario’s Red Seal Program

by Susan Huebert
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Variety can be interesting and exciting, but when safety and quality are at issue, people need consistency. In Ontario and other parts of Canada, the Red Seal program helps to ensure that people in certain trades follow consistent standards across the country.

People who hire plumbers or electricians want to know that their homes will not be flooded with water from leaky pipes or burned up because of faulty wiring. Even when people go to a restaurant, they want to know that the person cooking their meal understands how to prepare it without causing food poisoning. A Red Seal designation means that the people in that trade have been tested to make sure that they know how to do their jobs.

The Red Seal program is a project of the federal and provincial governments to make sure that every province and territory has the same basic standards. Each area differs slightly, and each person has different strengths and weaknesses, but the Red Seal tests are designed to ensure that people working on opposite ends of the country will have basically the same set of knowledge and skills.

Tradespeople in certain fields, but not all trades, must pass the Red Seal examination to prove that they have the necessary knowledge and skills for the work. If they pass, they receive a Red Seal endorsement on their final certificate, which allows them to work in any part of Canada without having to retrain for the work. This can be an advantage for tradespeople, especially if they need to move to another province for work or family reasons.

In Ontario, more than fifty trades are governed by Red Seal standards. Carpenters, cooks, industrial millwrights, and welders are some of the people who work by Red Seal standards. Truck and coach technicians and general machinists are also part of that program. Often, Red Seal designations begin during people’s apprenticeships and continue throughout their careers.

The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) directs the overall apprenticeship program, but the provinces do most of the actual planning and overseeing of the programs. The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program or the Government of Ontario websites are good places to start learning about the training requirements for a Red Seal designation, to find out how to prepare for the test, and to learn how to maintain a Red Seal designation even years after passing the test.

For many people working on assignments and writing tests in school, the idea of writing another test might seem like an unnecessary burden. Red Seal tests can be difficult to pass, and many people might wonder if it is worth the effort. However, having that designation can be useful since jobs and family circumstances are often uncertain. Even if the Red Seal designation is optional, it can be a good choice for many tradespeople.

When people are just starting out in their careers, it can be difficult to know how their lives will change. Marrying someone from a different province, moving for better job opportunities, or relocating to look after elderly parents can all change the course of people’s careers. If you have a chance to get into a Red Seal trade, it could help you maintain steady jobs and become an expert in your field.



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