Tips For Choosing High School Electives

Tips For Choosing High School Electives

by Tiffany Chang
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During high school is when students begin choosing their courses, namely electives. For current high school students or those who are about to become one, this is familiar territory. Though choosing electives can be fun as it encourages students to explore a variety of options, it can also have its challenges, usually because there are so many to choose from. If this is what you’re experiencing, here are some tips on how to choose:

Consider Electives That Focus On Practical Skills

Home economics is a great example. It typically encompasses learning how to cook and sew, which are skills that you’ll likely benefit from as they can be used in everyday life. The same goes for computer-related courses that involve getting familiar with commonly used applications including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Much of your journey in academics should you continue it after high school as well as many jobs require knowing how to use these applications, (particularly Microsoft Office) so why not gain/enhance them now while given the opportunity?

Consider What You Think You’d Enjoy

For instance, does your high school offer a language that you’ve always wanted to learn? If so, seize the opportunity and sign up for it. Schools strive to productively challenge students, and this can/should include enjoyment as well. These electives would be a time to look forward to on a regular basis.

What Can You Take to Get Ahead?

Students can take certain grade 12 courses that don’t have any prerequisite requirements as early as grade 10. These include some AP (Advanced Placement) courses as well. If you’re going into grade 10 or 11 and are interested in these courses, would you consider taking them earlier than grade 12?  Also, see which of these courses are accepted by post-secondary schools you’re thinking of applying to. You can go further and look into what the admission requirements are for specific programs you might take. If you’re feeling anxious/stressed about choosing electives, knowing this information can give you a better idea of what to do and put you more at ease.

Ask Others With Experience About Electives You’re Interested in Taking

If you know others who have previously taken electives that you’re interested in, ask them about what their experiences were with them. While you might not make decisions entirely based on this, the advice could still be very helpful as you’d then understand more of what to expect. It doesn’t hurt to get another opinion when it’s coming from someone with relevant familiarity.

Overall, a good idea for choosing electives is to have a balance between practicality/preparation for future goals and fun. (Of course, if you also enjoy the practical courses, that’s even better) This would optimize your chances of having well-rounded high school years where you know you’re gaining applicable knowledge, but also seizing learning experiences you can fondly look back on. If you exercise careful consideration and do effective research in terms of what paths you think are best for your high school journey, you’re well on your way to choosing the right electives.

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