Addressing Food Insecurity Among...

Addressing Food Insecurity Among College and University Students

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By Rabia Khan

Students who travel abroad for higher education know the pain of living separate from their parents and family. They are forced to leave a very comfortable and privileged life behind in order to pursue their dream in a foreign land. But many fail to foresee the consequences and challenges that come along the way when you are on your own. While this self-efficient journey can surely become life-changing, some face the hurdles with a high head!

Food is the source of human life; when you’re unable to receive sufficient food, things can become overwhelming. Thousands of post-secondary students experience food insecurity in day-to-day life. Here are some ways you can fight food insecurity as an international or domestic university or college student!

Food banks

It is not a shame to rely on additional resources like food banks; some people feel overwhelmed by utilizing services provided by the public organizations. Food banks are one of the most effective options to fight food insecurity. Many of them provided monthly packages or weekly groceries without any cost. Food banks majorly benefit students as they don’t get enough time to cook their meals and most likely out of funds.

Food pantry (university/colleges)

There are some universities and colleges that run a weekly food pantry benefitting all students who are in need. They provide a wide variety of options for students and believe in the idea of food sustainability. Besides, the food pantry provides fresh stock for free.

Community centers for youth

As an international or domestic student, times can get rough. It is important to know that you are not alone; you can have full access to community centres especially run for youth and reap benefits from them. They not only provide help with low cost/free housing but also assist in free groceries and free meals!

Free meal programmes

As a student struggling with food insecurity can welcome lot of stress in life. It is very essential to rely upon useful resources and receive early assist as soon as possible. Some Non-profit organizations endlessly work to better the lives of vulnerable people and those who are affected by food scarcity. That is when free meal programmes come into place, students in need can access these NGOs without feeling ashamed.

Cheap grocery by referral/Coupons

Some universities provide coupons and referrals within the community to students who are in need. They can really benefit from cheap grocery which are sustainable at the same time. Besides, it can save up a lot of money and prevent students from shopping from big retail stores that promises discounted prices.


Final Word

Don’t be shy to seek help and ask for support. It is important that as students, early assistance is placed to avoid or prevent unforeseen circumstances as the life of a student is very uncertain. Besides, mental and physical wellbeing will set you up for a successful career.

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