Addressing the Stigma Surrounding...

Addressing the Stigma Surrounding Medication for Mental Health

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By Rabia Khan

The topic of mental health is receiving immense attention these days and yet people feel reluctant to seek help. It’s high time that we address the stigma surrounding medication for mental health. While, there are people who are unable to get needed attention and are nearly killing themselves, there are some who are at their best denial.

Hundreds of thousands of people continue to go without the care they require owing there is a huge stigma surrounding the medication that could ease how they are feeling, even though the stigma connected with mental health issues has significantly diminished over the course of the last ten years. The acceptance of transparency regarding mental health issues has increased, in part due to the rich and famous discussing their battles with anxiety, depressive disorders, and other disorders.

Despite when people seek sympathy and encouragement for their mental health disorder, they are subjected to a variety of insufficient and stigmatizing attitudes towards medication, that range from the belief that they are simply not striving adequately to triumph over their demonic mind, to the advice that all they require is a particular meal plan, physical activity, or contemplation, to the notion that the healing for what bothers them is as straightforward as binging on medication. Yet, these views are frequently internalized by the same people who ought to profit from psychiatric medicine. Indeed, this stops them from receiving therapy.

In the past few years, mainly post the pandemic-era, the consumption of antipsychotic medication for mental health issues have increased tenfold. There’s a huge population which stigmatizes the use of medication for mental health disorders and it is prevalent in countries where the topic of mental health is considered as a taboo. The taboo culture is a big problem of this new-age society.

So many are wrapping their heads in misconceptions when it comes to treating mental health disorders, some fail to understand the role medication plays in treating them. People are accepting mental health disorders just like physical Illness because of the celebrities ranting about their personal struggles and drawing awareness about various mental health issues. It is essential to bring attention to various issues related to psychological health for it to be treated the same way as psychical illness.

However, one can navigate ways to address stigma surrounding medication for mental health problems by responding to negative reactions and sharing personal experiences and being factual. In recent times, major precautionary steps are being placed for those who are unable to regulate their emotions. While, stigma surrounding medication for mental health still remains a taboo for those who are very reluctant to receive it, the positive change is slowly unfolding for the better. Lot of government organizations are doing their best to reduce the stigma associated with medicines.

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