Loneliness in the Age of Social Media

Loneliness in the Age of Social Media

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By Rabia Khan

Loneliness is increasing in youth at a speed of thunderbolt. Where social media is consumed to fill the dark void inside our souls, it is also contributing to feelings of immense loneliness and this cannot be avoided easily at this time and age.

While social media transmits useful information, at the same time the digital world fuels dark energies into our lives unwillingly. Loneliness is one of the worst feelings ever and social media enhances it more.

For some people, embracing self-isolation mode is easy because they are so used to being alone all the time, but for people who constantly sit on their phones everyday, a cloud of loneliness can unwrap their mind, body and soul. Loneliness can take over the lives of people and put their mental health on the edge. Watching Instagram reels daily and scrolling Instagram feeds can become highly addictive and can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Escapism feels overwhelming when you become lonely and lost in the age of social media.

At times, people tend to become fragile and vulnerable, and it is during these sensitive times, that they feel an increasing need to consume social media. It feeds the mind in the most unhealthy ways and some don’t even realize it.

The pressure often gets to people, to be ‘perfect’ in a public setting, to escape such situations, social media becomes the only way to avoid reality and the present moment. Majority youth is hyper dependent on social media just to ignore the outside world or inhibit any sort of human interactions.

Loneliness has become the new social norm in the age of social media and the youth are adjusting to feeling lonely quite well. The high rate of suicide in increasing due to self-isolation among young people. However, with that being said, substance use and drug/alcohol addiction has also been increasing due to loneliness. The consequences of being addicted to social media comes with many cons, and less pros.

The current generation seems to be lost, yet comfortable in their loneliness. We cannot mix loneliness with being self-sufficient and independent. A lot of people misinterpret and misunderstand being alone all the time with their phones.

Limiting the use of social media can make people feel less lonely, only if they treat their mental health disorders and learn to interact and mix with the outside world. Many young people are prone to experiencing identity crisis because of self-isolation. Mental health is at risk due to excess consumption of social media, which pulls the youth into various pressures. This in return, forces them to become lonely. Social media is a form of escapism that put many at risk of suicide.

Self-care tip: Give yourself a social media detox, and become conscious about your current surroundings. Practicing new habits and unlearning old ones can inhibit feelings of loneliness and help control excessive social media consumption.

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