Post Covid World – Adjusting to...

Post Covid World – Adjusting to Social Activities Again

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By Natasha Cooper

It’s sometimes hard to think about the time, not that long ago, when it felt like the world was standing still.  In March of 2020, in a matter of a few short weeks practically everyone in the world would say goodbye to life as we knew it before the pandemic.  What might be even harder to recognize is the time lost, and the tremendous impact the Covid pandemic and isolation has had on many people.  Indeed, there’s mixed emotions about it all.  Many might not want to think about it and are grateful that they got through such a tumultuous time and are still healthy, when so many cannot say the same.  However, it is probably not a stretch to say that there are still many that cannot shake this lingering effect of the pandemic.

Whether you were working, or in school, traveling, it does not matter; isolation protocols certainly had a profound impact on us all. On top of that, those who did experience having Covid would know all too well the fear that surrounded it.  Even if one was not too concerned about their own health, many were petrified of spreading the illness to perhaps loved ones who were more vulnerable to the illness.  While there is still much to be learned about the lingering effects of the Covid pandemic, both mental and physical studies are already suggesting that there are growing numbers of  people reporting an increase in their anxiety.

Going back to work, or school, traveling again, or re-emerging into social life can be challenging for some right now. It should also be noted that returning to social life after Covid can be a varied experience for any person depending on their personality type.  While extroverts might be getting over how difficult the pandemic was for them, and the kind of effect that had, introverts might have thrived during isolation, and are now dealing with the stress of re-engaging in a social life.  Here are some things to keep in mind while adjusting to life back out in the world again post-pandemic.

  1. The pandemic was an entirely new experience for most people, do not feel alone in still not feeling normal or fully integrated back into social life
  2. It’s okay to take things slowly; this includes going back to social activities or being in big crowds etc.
  3. If possible, find ways of remaining flexible with your work, school, or social schedule. This might help ease some of the anxiety. If this is not possible, try and be creative in coming up with some other strategies to make this transition easier for yourself.
  4. Practice mindful breathing if you find yourself overwhelmed in a large crowd or social setting.  Mindful breathing exercises can generally be done almost anywhere at any time and have been proven to help improve overwhelming feelings of panic and stress.
  5. If at any time you feel like it is all too much and you might need help, reach out.  Phoning friends or reaching out to a professional is never something to be ashamed of, and there are many resources out there for struggling individuals.  Below are just a few.

As we find the Covid pandemic finally in the rear view, remember we all went through this as a collective society.  A post-Covid world might be a frightening place, but it is filled with new possibilities and objectives to make this a safer, and hopefully more caring world.

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