Style Tips for a Fashionable Winter

Style Tips for a Fashionable Winter

by Michelle Osei-Bonsu
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As you head out to brave the cold this winter, keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. There are several tricks you can use to keep yourself looking chic, even with temperatures plunging downwards.

1. Invest in a Statement Coat

Even if you find yourself stuck with boring sweats, you can still give your outfit a bit of life with an awesome coat. You can play around with pops of colors instead of resorting to the neutral tones that are often worn during the winter. The material of your coat can also give your outfit a bit of spice. Materials like faux fur and leather can take your otherwise bland outfit to the next level with a bit of mixing and matching.

2. Play it up with Your Bottoms

Consider using your bottom pieces to make a splash this season. There’s no need to stuff yourself in a pair of bland jeans everyday. You can turn heads with a funky pair of patterned leggings or your favourite bright trousers. The trick is to use unconventional colors, patterns, and materials to give your audience something to look at. Even if the rest of your outfit is plain, your statement bottom piece will provide a bit of flavour.

3. Layer it up

One of the easiest ways to add complexity to your winter attire is to mix and match some of your pieces and layer them on top of one another. Besides keeping you warm, this technique allows you to create unique combinations that are unlikely to be seen on anyone else. The key to layering is to use contrasting colors and materials that still complement one another. It may be difficult to get a working combination at first so it’s important to keep blending until you find something that works well. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to avoid mixing more than 3 colors and 3 materials. Although a variety is nice, you don’t want something that’s too chaotic.

Bonus Tip: If it’s not too cold out, consider wearing your coat open or unzipped so that you can see the complexity of the layers beneath. You can throw on a scarf and a funky hat in case there’s a bit of a cool breeze.

4. Strap on Some Funky Boots

With winter boots being offered in hundreds of colors, shapes and styles, you can easily make a splash this winter with eye-catching boots.  Your feet are almost always visible so even if you’re bundled up from head to toe, you can still indulge your style cravings with something that demands appreciation. Don’t be afraid to try experimenting with something on the wilder side. If this is the one place you decide to make a statement, make it loud! 

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