The Role of Pets in Mental Wellbeing

The Role of Pets in Mental Wellbeing

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By Rabia Khan

We all need that little something that uplifts us instantly. And what more than your own pets doing their role perfecting your mental wellbeing, and we all agree to it fully! There is substantial scientific proof and evidence that shows the role of pets in enhancing mental wellbeing in human beings. Dogs have been used for multiple scientific and medical purposes for the impact they have on human beings.Dogs are the only creature that connects with people on a spiritual level. Here is the reason how pets contribute to mental wellbeing, you’ll be surprised to know some facts about your pets that you didn’t know before!


A sense of belonging and of drive is essential for humans. As is the want to feel linked together, which alleviates isolation and offers delight. Pets can help people who are depressed by offering friendship, especially those who are aged or unwell. The addition of a beloved pet or dog to the daily lives of veterans suffering from PTSD has also been shown to enhance their psychological state. As a result, servicemen are urged to obtain dogs as buddies while they adjust back to the normal world.

Non-verbal communication

You often don’t need to communicate with your pets, if you ever feel sad, your pets are most likely to understand your feelings much better without even communicating. Besides, dogs are super loyal to their caretaker. That’s why many believe that dogs are the best healers for mankind. It is very clear that pets support individual mental wellbeing by just being in their lives. Afterall, their innocence plays a huge role in our stressful lives.

Make you happy!

Spending time with your pets releases certain endorphins in your brain. Stroking a dog has been shown to boost the release of serotonin. Similarly, pets can also boost the levels of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin. They can also activate various additional hormones which contribute to an individual feeling healthier. It has also been demonstrated that simply contemplating pets in our daily life can help alleviate unhappiness induced by disappointment or loneliness.

Treatment for illness

Pets are frequently used in therapeutic treatment for those suffering from severe depression, PTSD, anxiety, autism, or a genetic disorder called Down syndrome. Dogs often serve older individuals by filling positivity into their lives. Lot of mental health and rehab centers use dogs as a therapy to help individuals affected with any illness. There are hospitals that will often see weekly visits by dogs to enhance a patient’s moods and it has been very effective so far.

Conclusion: If you have a dog, cherish them, as they are a gift!

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