Top-Paying Trade Jobs in Ontario

Top-Paying Trade Jobs in Ontario

by Susan Huebert
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Finding a good job with a decent salary is difficult these days. Although low-paid jobs are often still available, high-paid jobs are hard to find. However, certain trades still pay good salaries and can be good choices for people in Ontario.

Sometimes it seems that workers are getting paid less and less, and that is true for many people. According to Statistics Canada, the percentage of people working for minimum wage doubled between 1998 and 2018. At those kinds of wages, it can be difficult to get ahead or even to pay for the basics like food and housing.

The best way of dealing with this problem is to choose a high-paying job, especially in the skilled trades. Although the job market changes frequently, opportunities are likely to be better in the trades than in most other fields because people still need electricity, plumbing, and other services in their homes and offices. Some of these skilled trades pay very well, even if the salaries depend to some degree on the location and changes in the economy.

Elevating device mechanics are people who work with elevators, escalators, and other devices that lift people or objects from one level to another. This kind of work is useful in apartment buildings, offices, restaurants, and other places with more than one floor. Elevating devices need frequent maintenance and can break down as they age or if a part is badly installed or breaks for another reason. Salaries for people in this trade tend to be about $80,000 per year, although some people earn less, and others earn more.

One of the highest paid skilled trades is senior electrician. These people must work their way up from low-level work to the higher levels, but some of the best-paid electricians can earn over $91,000 per year. At that point, the work might involve supervising other workers, but it could still include installing wiring in buildings, checking connections, and other practical tasks.

Steamfitters and pipefitters earn less than elevating device mechanics or electricians, but they can still earn over $70,000 per year. Much of this work is in factories and refineries, and this trade is part of the Red Seal program. That way, people who gain this qualification can work anywhere in Canada without having to retrain.

Industrial electricians are also often well paid. Much of the work in this field tends to be in factories or refineries, but jobs are also available in construction. The job can be difficult because of noise from the machines running in the area and because of the need to be extremely precise, but it can be a good choice for many people. In Ontario, median, or middle, salaries are about $62,400.

Millwrights and heavy-duty equipment technicians can also earn good wages in Ontario, often about $54,600 to $58,500. The work might be in factories or even in mines, but a variety of jobs are available around Ontario. An ability to repair equipment is necessary for both of these careers, which can be part of everything from manufacturing to wastewater treatment.

Although these trades are some of the highest-paying ones in Ontario, other careers also have high salaries. For example, cooks can often be well paid, depending on their skills and where they work. Delivery truck drivers and machine tool operators are also well paid.

Finding a good job is very difficult these days, but some of the top-paying trades can be good choices. One of them might be right for you.



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