Optimizing Your Home Workspace for...

Optimizing Your Home Workspace for Productivity and Health

by Tiffany Chang
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What’s great about having a home workspace is that you have the control to make it as ideal as it can be for you. When it’s ideal, it can not only benefit how you work but also provide a healthier situation. Unfortunately, many home workspaces aren’t reaching this potential because busy schedules or other areas of life take priority. As a result, plans for any sort of refashioning often get put on hold. Nonetheless, when there is time for making these changes, it’s difficult to know where to start since there’s typically a lot to address. If this is what you’ve been thinking about and you’re interested in optimizing your home workspace for productivity and health, here are some tips:

Clear Out What You No Longer Need

Health-wise, being in a cluttered environment could induce discomfort/anxiety, which would not help, particularly during times when work is stressful. Therefore, it’s a good idea to clear out notes, paperwork and/or supplies you don’t need anymore. It can also be very satisfying knowing you’re getting rid of everything that has been unnecessarily taking up space.

It’s additionally a good opportunity to reorganize if the way things are placed does not function well for you. For instance, you could replace multiple binders with one or two accordion file holders (though this depends on how much paper each one has inside). Another suggestion is to categorize your shelves so what’s on them is easier to look for.

Consider Rearranging the Furniture For A Better Flow And To Add Other Pieces

Do you think that the flow of your workspace could be better? If so, consider rearranging the furniture in it. Not only would taking this on make the workspace easier to move around in, but it may also create more space for other useful pieces that you might’ve been thinking of incorporating. Has having a vision board to organize your thoughts, ideas, and goals ever crossed your mind?  Is your desk in a spot against a wall where you’d like to put a vision board?

Change/Improve The Aesthetic

Updating the space’s aesthetic to match your current tastes could improve your mood when you’re in it and therefore could boost productivity. Is your workspace in need of additions such as plants or some artwork? How about nice photos that feature family and friends? It’s always beneficial when you’re able to increase the amount of enjoyment you experience when entering a space and updating the look will likely help achieve this. You can also research interior design-related videos on home workspaces online for inspiration. There’s a good chance that you’ll find good do-it-yourself options.

When your designated space for working at home serves you well, it can positively affect your productivity and health. If this is currently not the case or it can be even better, you’re able to adopt pragmatic, helpful measures. Tidying up, rearranging furniture, and changing the aesthetic are ways of meeting your needs in that respect. Overall, if you consider the suggestions above, you’re on track to successfully becoming a more productive and health-conscious worker in your revitalized home workspace.

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