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Five Examples of Non-Physical Skilled Trades

March 1st, 2017; By Jingwei Chen

The Ontario College of Trades recognizes 156 distinct skilled trades. One of the persistent myths surrounding careers in the skilled trades is that these jobs are physically demanding. While most […]

Challenges for Women Working in the Trades

March 1st, 2017; By L. Tetro

Are you the creative and hands-on type? Do you welcome a challenge? Does the idea of travelling for work appeal to you? If so, you might consider a career in […]

How to Stay Safe at Work: The Trades

March 1st, 2017; By Giselle Mazurat

If you’re a young person working in the trades, you deserve to be safe. However, every day someone like you gets injured on the job. In fact, hundreds of young […]

Why Women Should Go Into the Trades

February 27th, 2017; By Meghan Brown

If you’ve ever thought, or heard someone say, that working in the trades “isn’t for women,” it’s important to know that this simply isn’t true.  It can even be difficult […]

What Trade is for You?

February 27th, 2017; By Laura Sciarpelletti

It’s no secret that there is some good money to be made in the trades. But there are so many different trades, so how does one choose? If you are […]

Eco Trades

January 29th, 2017; By Susan Huebert

Imagine helping to save the environment, just by going to work. Working in an eco-trade might not help you to change the world, but it could make a difference. Working […]

Transferable Skills that Make Valuable Employees

January 29th, 2017; By Meghan Brown

The skilled trades encompass a wide range of jobs, from construction trades such as electricians, carpenters, and plumbers to industrial trades such as machinists, tool and die makers, and millwrights.  […]