«Trades» column

Are the Trades a Viable Career Path?

March 31st, 2015; By Jack Blare

To put it simply, yes. The trades are some of the largest growing industries in Canada and they face a deficit of skilled workers to fill up high paying positions. […]

Construction Millwright

March 20th, 2015; By OYAP

Construction millwrights keep industrial machinery running smoothly. They dismantle, move, install, adjust, and maintain power shafting, pulleys, conveyors, and hoists. Millwrights often work from plans and blueprints. They must make […]

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

March 20th, 2015; By Service Canada

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics install, maintain and service residential, commercial, industrial and institutional heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration units and systems. Their duties include laying out reference points […]

Careers in Trades

March 18th, 2015; By Jasmin Bollman

The trades sector in Canada is constantly growing and changing. So how do you know which career path is right for you? Here at Jobs People Do, we’ve assembled a […]

Why Red Seal Trades Might Work For You

February 17th, 2015; By Mackenzie Wall

You may have heard the advice, “learn a trade – it’s an important skill to have.” That’s good advice: there will always be a need for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, […]

Why Canada Needs More STEM Students

February 17th, 2015; By Jack Blare

As a wealthy, diverse and constantly growing nation, Canada needs students and workers going into the valuable fields of engineering, technology, science and mathematics. While these can be some of […]

Educational Assistant

February 17th, 2015; By OYAP

Description Educational assistants help primary educators by working with students with special needs and implementing the education plan. They apply intervention strategies, create a climate for learning, assist with life […]