«Trades» column

Signs a Career in the Trades May be for You

April 20th, 2016; By Teodora Pasca

A career in the trades is a phenomenal opportunity to work in an engaging, hands-on environment. But how do you know this kind of career is right for you? If […]

The Trades: What you need to know

March 30th, 2016; By Giselle Mazurat

Are you interested in a career in the trades but don’t know where to begin? Have you ever wondered about the difference between an Apprentice and Journeyperson? What about the […]

Careers in the Trades: A List

March 30th, 2016; By Jasmin Bollman

The trades sector in Canada is constantly growing and changing. So how do you know which career path is right for you? Here at Jobs People Do, we’ve assembled a […]

Career Profile: Safety Inspector

March 22nd, 2016; By Susan Huebert

Every job has its own dangers, but this can be especially true of the trades. When people work on high buildings in construction and use sharp saws to cut wood […]

Career Profile: Chemical Engineer – Plastics Moulds

March 18th, 2016; By Meghan Brown

Chemical engineering is a field of engineering that encompasses aspects of the physical sciences such as physics and chemistry, along with applied mathematics and production economics, to design products and […]

Career Profile: Civil Engineer – Water Reclamation

March 18th, 2016; By Meghan Brown

Reclaimed water, also known as recycled water, is water that has been taken from an impure or contaminated source such as drainage runoff or sewage water and treated through various […]

Career Profile: Baker

March 18th, 2016; By Susan Huebert

For some people, baking is a favourite weekend activity. When they have a few free hours, they go to the kitchen and produce cookies, bread, and buns to last for […]