Financial Aid

Pen and Paper Ready – A Look into Writing Scholarships in Canada

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Expressing your ideas clearly in a manner that captivates your audience sounds like it’s an easy task, but in reality, it’s a challenging one. This is why most people look […]

Why is it Awkward When People Talk About Money?

by Marianne Stephens

Money is a deeply awkward topic. That certainly makes sense, and if someone brings up the topic of personal finance at a small discussion during work, a romantic dinner, or […]

March 2020 Scholarships: Apply Now!

by Erin Kelly

Diabetes Hope Foundation Scholarship Program Scholarship Value: $2,500 Awards Available: 35 Award Deadline: March 9, 2020 Address: https://diabeteshopefoundation.com/scholarship-program/   Leonard Foundation Financial Assistance Program Scholarship Value: $1,500 Awards Available: 140 […]

Where Do I Inquire About Scholarships?

by Sadie Osborne

A scholarship is a financial award that is given to a student in order to help them continue their education. There are different kinds of scholarships and they will all […]

Scholarships for February 2020: Apply Now!

by Erin Kelly

ExploraVision Awards Scholarship Value: $10,000 Awards Available: 40 Award Deadline: February 10, 2020 Address: https://www.exploravision.org/rules-requirements   Harry Arthurs Alumni Families Entrance Scholarship Scholarship Value: $24,000 Awards Available: 1 Award Deadline: […]

Student Finances Without Family

by Alicia Natividad

A lot of people are fortunate enough to say that family is something that they can rely on. Family can be and often is a huge part of a student’s […]