Fun (Almost Free) Activities for Summer

Fun (Almost Free) Activities for Summer

by Sharon Deng
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Fun for Summer

Having an incredible summer doesn’t mean you need to break the bank.

There’s never a shortage of things to do in the summer, but if you’re saving up for school in September, fun can be quite costly. While it would be great to backpack through Europe or spend the weekend at Wonderland, it’s much more important to save the money now so you won’t be eating 6 months of ramen noodles in the fall. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your summer and keep all your change in your pocket.

1) Volunteer for Festivals

You know it’s officially summer when those loud, all night, outdoor festivals are pitching their tents. There’s the always popular music festivals, the quirky comedy or fringe festivals, and the laid back art events too. The options are endless, but a festival pass to rock out to your favourite bands could easily cost you $80 or more. How about volunteering a few hours of your time and see the exact same band for free?

You’ll be meeting new people and putting experience down on your resume at the same time. You can even volunteer with a group of friends. The application process is easy and straightforward. Even if the festival is already under way, ask a volunteer coordinator if they need replacements or an extra hand. The answer is rarely no.

2) Gallery hop and Museum Tours

Most galleries and museums charge a student rate for entry, but save the cash and check it out on a free night. Depending on where you live, nearly all galleries and museums offers one evening a week where the public is allowed entry for free from 5pm to closing. This is also an excellent way to escape the heat while you’re checking out Picasso or comparing yourself to a T-Rex.

3) Shakespeare in the Park

Romeo and Juliet feels much more romantic under the trees than it does in a high school class. Go online and find the summer schedule for your local playhouse that produces plays in the park. At the end of the performance, pay what you can when the hat gets to you.

Some communities in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa arrange movie nights at the park. The municipality pays for the gigantic screen and all you have to bring is a lawn chair and popcorn!

4) Camp in your Backyard

Fire up a bbq, invite your closest friends and tell them to each bring something to nibble on. Pitch a tent, use lots of bug spray and have one of the most memorable nights of the summer.

It may not be the real wilderness experience, but at least you’ll have easy access to a toilet.

Canadian winters are long and harsh, which is why everyone needs to get out there and enjoy the few months of summer. Doing something outside of your normal routine may surprise you. What other fun, almost-free summer activities do you do?

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