Following (and Loving!) Your Path

Following (and Loving!) Your Path

by Erik McKay
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Education, much like a career, means different things to different people. In school we each have unique study habits, subject preferences and academic goals while maintaining different ideals regarding our own career paths.

Some prefer the humanities while others lean toward the sciences. Some are interested in the computer sciences while others advocate the visual arts. Everyone has his or her own interests and that is important. As a student, it is your responsibility to pursue and practice something that you are passionate about or follow an academic path that will allow you to best achieve the career objectives you have set out for yourself.

This can, however, be difficult. Many of us do not have a clear idea of what we want to pursue or do with our lives, let alone what classes we want to take. As such, our education becomes something of a trial and error until we manage to find a particular subject, skill or topic that we can be confident in pursuing.

Joining clubs, choosing classes or attending lectures based on what you are passionate about or feel naturally drawn to will prove to be your means to this end. You can’t go wrong by pursuing your interests! University and college is a place for self-discovery, personal development and academic growth. It helps you to figure out who you want to be and what you want to study.

Try not to stress too much. The decisions you make are important, but if you follow your passions and try to keep your options open you won’t stray too far. Over the course of your degree you’ll be spending countless hours in the library, lab and lectures so you might as well enjoy what you study.
Always choose your classes carefully, but if you navigate your options successfully you will end up do what you love. Keep your options open, listen to your heart and you will soon be on YOUR path to the perfect career for you!

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