The Benefits of Travel and Volunteerism

The Benefits of Travel and Volunteerism

by Joy Kita
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Having volunteer experience is an essential part of every student’s life. Now that it a requirement for high school students to acquire 40 hours of volunteer time before they graduate, many new and varied opportunities are cropping up. It is a great time to travel as a student!

Volunteering allows for an introspective look into your values and it gives perspective and fosters a better-rounded individual. Some of life’s richest experiences come from volunteering. When you free yourself to give your time to helping fulfill the needs of another it is rewarding on many levels. One way to volunteer is to go abroad and embark on a life-changing journey. This is something students should consider while they have the time and resources. Volunteering abroad is a meaningful experience that can provide great rewards.

So, why go abroad when there are plenty of opportunities here at home?

1. The opportunity to travel and visit a foreign country.
There is something very different about reading about a country and actually visiting it in person. Travel is a great way to expand your mind and gain insight into the world and how you view it. It adds to your life experiences and creates memories you can draw upon for a lifetime.

2.Unique projects.
Perhaps you can help save the green turtle or be an ambassador for the environment. There are things you can do abroad that you simple cannot do at home. The animals are different, the government structure is different and the ecosystems are different. Every country comes with unique settings, strange habitats and diverse food.

3. Take in a new culture.
What better way to learn than to jump right in? Don’t just study different cultures in books and in movies, take the opportunity to live and breathe it. Engage all your senses and create a rich memory that helps support you through daily challenges.

4. Make new friends.
You will create memories that build a lifelong bond. Language is only a barrier for a short while before mutual respect and affection based on shared experiences take control.

5. Learn a new language.
No language curriculum can match being surrounded by language and culture. It is amazing how quickly one picks up a foreign language when it is all around them. The mind is fast to pick up words from action and gestures.

There are many organizations to choose from when considering volunteering abroad. Take time to look into various opportunities. Some may be based on community or through schools, churches, and hospitals. Take a chance and do something different.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to travel to volunteer. Your very own community needs you, too! The best part about volunteering is the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that you have made a difference, regardless of where you do it.

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