The Benefits of Stretching Regularly...

The Benefits of Stretching Regularly and How to Make It a Habit (French version available)

by Linda Mendes
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Stretching regularly has several benefits. It is a great and healthy habit to have. If you’re interested in the benefits of stretching regularly and how to make stretching a habit, this article is just for you!

What Does Stretching Regularly Do?

  • Increases Your Flexibility

Stretching regularly will make you become more flexible. There are many benefits to increasing your flexibility. It can help you perform daily activities and exercise better. As you get older, stretching can delay muscle stiffness which can reduce your mobility.

  • Improves Your Posture

Poor posture can be caused by a lot of things. Tense and tight muscles are some possible reasons. Stretching helps loosen, as well as strengthen your muscles which can help align your posture. It is good to regularly stretch your shoulders, chest, and lower back. With time, your posture will improve and you will not feel the need to slouch.

  • Helps with Back Pain

If you often stay in the same position throughout the day, you may feel pain in your back. Stretching can help you relieve existing back pain. It can also prevent future back pain by strengthening your back muscles which reduces the risk of you straining your muscles. Stretching daily increases blood flow to your muscles. This can help shorten your recovery time, as well as help relieve any sore muscles.

  • Relieves Stress

Stretching is a good way to cope with stress. Emotional stress can cause your muscles to tighten. Like meditation, deep breathing while stretching is a great way to help calm you down. Some areas that stress can affect are your neck, upper back, and shoulders. Stretching these areas can leave you feeling less stressed.

How to Make Stretching a Habit

  • Start Small

When you begin to make stretching a habit, it is important to start small. You could do each stretch for as little as 30 seconds. This will help you avoid injuring yourself. As your body gets used to the stretching, you could gradually increase your goal.

  • Explore Different Stretches

There are many different stretches you could do. Depending on your goal or any pain you may be wanting to relieve, some stretches could work for you while others might not.  If you need guidance, you could find stretching routine videos online that could guide you throughout each stretch.

  • Stretch Every Day for 30 Days

It is easier to create a habit if you do it every day. Try to stretch for 30 days. You could begin with stretching for three minutes per day. Each day you could add a minute to your routine. This will help make stretching a habit.

  • Set a Time to Stretch

Stretching at the same time every day can help you feel motivated. This will help you stay consistent. You could wake up earlier to complete your stretching routine or stretch right before going to bed.

  • Give Yourself Breaks

Developing new habits may be difficult. You may not always remember to stretch. If you forget, don’t feel guilty about it. Just pick up where you left off. Stretching can also make you sore. If you are feeling sore, it is best to take a break to avoid injuring yourself.



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