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How to Politely Yet Assertively Say No

February 1st, 2022; By author below

By Mara Hurst As a people-pleaser, the idea of saying no is not in my vocabulary. Many of us have the same issue. Wanting to help those around us is […]

Yes Eye Can: Jobs That Require Great Eyesight

February 1st, 2022; By Linda Mendes

Great vision is not necessary for all jobs but some do require you to have great eyesight. Some jobs might require you to complete an eye exam before you are […]

Overcoming Shyness in the Classroom: How to Speak Up and Get More Involved

February 1st, 2022; By Linda Mendes

It is common for students to be shy in school. They may not be comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas in class. Shy students should be encouraged to work on […]

Career Profile: Actor

February 1st, 2022; By author below

By Selina What They Do Actors express ideas, portray characters, and play parts in theatre stage, film, television, radio, video, or other settings for entertainment, information, or instruction. They interpret […]

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem and See Yourself in a Better Light

February 1st, 2022; By Linda Mendes

Self-esteem is the opinion you have about yourself and your abilities. Your self-esteem can be high, low, or in the middle and it can change very often. Having low self-esteem […]

Tips to Avoid Over-Snacking While at Home

February 1st, 2022; By author below

By Mara Hurst While we are sitting around at home, with nothing to do, boredom strikes. And sometimes with that boredom, we resort to grabbing a snack to eat away […]

Career Profile: Commercial Artists

February 1st, 2022; By Susan Huebert

Artists are known for their creativity, such as paintings or sculptures in galleries and on people’s walls. However, commercial artists are different. They work in a variety of industries, using […]