«From the Editor» column

Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2017; By Erin Kelly

Is it just me, or was 2016 a tough year for everyone? 2016 seemed to have its significant challenges for each individual. Even if you had a great year full […]

Tis’ the Season!

December 1st, 2016; By Erin Kelly

Welcome back! We are now in the last month of the year; you’ll soon be making your new years resolutions, reviewing your new goals for next year, and reflecting on […]

Chill in November

November 1st, 2016; By Erin Kelly

Welcome back! Now that Fall is drawing to a close, we are starting to feel the slight chill of winter. When changing seasons, our moods tend to change with them. […]

Don’t Fall in October

October 2nd, 2016; By Erin Kelly

You did it! You made it through the first trialing month of school. By now, you are really starting to get comfortable with your new classes, teachers and friends- keep […]

Welcome Back!

August 31st, 2016; By Erin Kelly

It is that time of year again… The leaves have turned, your school supplies are bought and your new outfits are being worn. It is hard to believe that school […]

Summertime and the Living is Easy…

June 30th, 2016; By Erin Kelly

Hi Everyone! Tired from all your summer activities, already? Well, scroll some of our July articles and take a break in the shade! We’ve got some summertime articles on activities […]

The Last Month of School- You Did it!

June 1st, 2016; By Erin Kelly

You are now in your last month of school- Congratulations from JPD! You have worked hard all year and it is time to reflect, evaluate and maybe change a few […]