«Trades» column

Career Profile: Hazardous Materials Removal Workers

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

The world is full of hazardous chemicals and other dangerous materials which can damage the environment and harm people. When manufacturing, mining, or other processes produce hazardous waste, people have […]

Career Profile: Foresters

February 27th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

Hiking in a forest can be fun, but not if a fire is burning or a disease has killed many of the trees. Forests are important for Canada, not just […]

Career Profile: Automotive Painter

January 30th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

If you look out on an average street, you can see cars and trucks in all different colours, from red or blue to black, white, or grey. Some even have […]

Career Profile: Gem Setter/Goldsmith

January 30th, 2021; By Susan Huebert

Every morning, people put on rings, bracelets, and more. Before they can do that, however, someone has to design and make the items. Gem setters and goldsmiths work with a […]

Taking the Trades Online: How to Learn Trades Skills without Leaving Your Homes

December 30th, 2020; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

At the onset of the pandemic, among the sectors that were drastically affected was the educational sector, as the closure of colleges and universities across Canada was high in priority […]

Career Profile: Logging Equipment Operator

December 30th, 2020; By Susan Huebert

Wood is an important part of every building, whether it is in doorways, on kitchen tables, or elsewhere. Before carpenters can make it into chairs or many other objects, people […]

Career Profile: Cabinetmaker

December 30th, 2020; By Susan Huebert

Each day, people use kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves, and many other wooden storage areas in their homes. They may never think of the people who make these shelves and cabinets, […]