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One Bad Apple Doesn’t Have to Ruin the Barrel

We’re well into autumn and the end is in sight for 2022. We’ve traded short-sleeves for sweaters and iced drinks for apple cider. The school year is well underway and the holiday work season is fast approaching. As you navigate all that comes with this time of year, remember that you don’t have to be perfect. We all make mistakes and we all have more to learn. When it comes to you and everything you do, one bad apple doesn’t have to ruin the barrel.

This month, we have tips for those struggling with negative thoughts about wasted time. As we deal with things being relatively back to normal, we have advice for making your way through the post-Covid world. You’re not alone! Take time to read about the personal experiences of our writers Elora Pharai and Rabia Khan.

Also be sure to check out our career profiles on developmental services workers, blacksmiths, atmospheric and space scientists, and choreographers. For fun things to do at home, check out YouTube channels and other social media profiles help you learn how to cook.

As always, a big thank you to all the writers who contributed this month: Meghan Brown, Tiffany Chang, Susan Huebert, Avreet Jagdev, Rabia Khan, Sarah Leung, Elora Pharai, and Bhargavi Venkataraman.


Anthony Teles
Vice-President, Content

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