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Transphobia in Canada: A look into the issue, and what must be done.

by author below

By Avreet Jagdev Transphobia is a term that refers to discrimination against transgender and gender-queer people. At the core, it is rooted in a rejection of transgender identity, and refusing […]

Strategies for Coping with Social Anxiety When You Find It Overwhelming: What You Can Do Before You Even Go Outside

by Tiffany Chang

Having social anxiety can be difficult. Within the past three years in particular, discussions about it have increased because COVID-19 has resulted in people staying at home much more than […]

A Prime Minister’s Problematic Legacy: Sir John A. MacDonald and a Long History of Racism

by Elora Pharai

You probably learnt all about Sir John A. MacDonald as Canada’s first Prime Minister, as well as his many achievements in your history classes: how he built Canada’s government, aided […]

How the pandemic changed me.

by Mara Hurst

Content Warning: Domestic Violence and Mental Health   Looking back on the last four years, I realize how much about me and my life has changed because of the pandemic. […]

Coping with the mental health impacts of the death of a friend or family member

by Mara Hurst

Seven months ago, I lost my grandmother. She was my last grandparent, and so the loss hit me very hard. I have quite a large family, but she was definitely […]

Sher Vancouver: Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ South Asian Non-Profit

by Sarah Leung

Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society, or “Sher Vancouver” for short,” is an LGBTQ+ registered charity that provides for the B.C. South Asian community. “Sher” is a Persian word meaning “lion.” All […]