Student Life

Working from Home vs. Working in Office: A Close Look into Their Advantages and Disadvantages

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Even before COVID-19 barged into our lives in early March 2020, Canadians weren’t exactly strangers to the work-from-home concept. In fact, according to Statista.com, 20 percent of the working population […]

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A Look at Options for High School Graduates and Post-Secondary Students to Make the Most of Their Summer (French version available)

by Tiffany Chang

Depending on people’s individual situations, summer is usually associated with taking a break from school and pursuing other things. If people organize their time well, it could involve relaxation as […]

I’m just one person! Juggling work, school, chores, cooking, and more.

by author below

By Bhargavi Venkataraman Whether you are a high schooler, a university student, or a working professional, these days, it seems that there is always something to do. From juggling work […]

Save Some Money: Discounts for Postsecondary Students in Canada

by author below

By Julia Skoczypiec Students in university and college often have a lot on their minds when it comes to finances. From tuition fees to textbook prices, life as a postsecondary […]

Job Applications 101: Choosing the Best References (French version available)

by Olivia Condlln-Wilby

When applying for jobs, providing high-quality references is a valuable skill that can set you apart from other candidates and help you secure the role. It is as essential to […]

The Dangers of Always Being on Social Media and How to Beat the Addiction (French version available)

by Tiffany Chang

There’s no doubt that social media is addictive. From seeing what friends or celebrities/influencers are doing to watching the “likes” increase on your latest post, these without a doubt can […]