Student Life

How Appearance May Affect Job Interview Results

by Sarah Leung

You received an offer for an interview, and now you wait, in anticipation. What do you wear? What do you say? How do you display that you are the right […]

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It’s A Job Hunt Life: How To Stay Positive and Productive During the Job Search (French version available)

by Olivia Condlln-Wilby

Job searching can be exhausting, especially if you’ve never done it before. It can be tedious to scroll through job listings, tinker with your resume, and fill out application forms […]

Tips and Advice for Preparing and Actually Writing Your Novel

by Susan Huebert

Reading a story can be fun. However, writing a novel has certain challenges. During the pandemic, you might have decided to write a book of fiction. Preparing for and writing […]

Being Human: A Guide to Returning to In-Person Learning and Working

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

The lockdowns and restrictions due to the pandemic have forced most people to study online and/or work from home. While initially not a lot were keen to the idea, as […]

BC’s budget focused on climate change: Addressing the Crisis, Creating Job Opportunities (French version available)

by Susan Huebert

The summer of 2021 in British Columbia showed what climate change can do to the land and the people. Fires that destroyed entire communities, floods that devastated homes and schools, […]

The Working for Workers Act and Why the “Right to Disconnect” is Important (French version available)

by Susan Huebert

In 2021, the government of Ontario introduced the Working for Workers Act to try to help make life better for workers in the province. The act contains several important elements, […]