Student Life

Career Profile: Atmospheric and Space Scientist

by Meghan Brown

The weather isn’t just a topic for small talk these days; extreme weather events and climate change are all over the news.  But understanding the Earth’s weather and climate takes […]

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Cruising through the Post-Covid World: Maskless Faces vs. Anxiety (French version available)

by Elora Pharai

Adjusting to the post Covid-19 world is a challenge that none of us ever saw coming. Right now, it appears that for most of us, life has reached a sense […]

Navigating Post-Secondary: The Campus Experience

by Elora Pharai

Transitions are some of the most difficult, yet inevitable parts of being young. When you’re young, everything is constantly changing. One of the most difficult aspects of transition is new […]

My New Normal: My own personal experience of how my life has changed since 2020

by author below

By Rabia Khan Since 2020, my life has become more disciplined. Initially, I was sleeping most of the time but then I began to feel the unhealthy side effects of […]

The Importance of SOGI Education in Schools (French version available)

by Sarah Leung

In 2016, The ARC Foundation launched the SOGI 1 2 3 program in British Columbia. The SOGI 1 2 3 program seeks to unite educators, LGBTQ+ advocates, and students by […]

Lifting Mask Mandates and Returning to in-Person Learning: Managing Stress (French version available)

by Elora Pharai

It’s back to school season, one of the busiest times of the year for students all around the world. During the start of anything new, I find that there’s always […]